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Mecfor designs and manufactures specialized tools for furnace charging, tending and cleaning. These custom tools are engineered specifically for the MVA/MVR family of tool carriers. Over the years Mecfor has developed a vast and complete portfolio of specialized tools to maximize the production of your cast house operations. We have also developed tools to rotate dross bins and sow pans, as well as for loading and melting alloys. All our tools are designed and customized to fit the profile of your furnaces, and every tool susceptible to furnace heat damage has a replaceable tip. Mecfor's specialized tools will maximize your production and significantly reduce potential damage to your furnace refractories.

The Mecfor team of experts can help you put together a compelling business case, and lay out the financial justification for your specialized tool investment. They will also be happy to provide references from satisfied customers.

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  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Best dollar/hour of operation on the market
  • Easily replaceable tips
  • Complete cast house solutions (charging, tending, alloys, cleaning)
  • Tools couple to Mecfor's MVA/MVR through Mecfor's “QuicKonnect” system
  • Health and safety advantages, since no floor operator is needed to change tools
  • Reliable, long life performance
  • Vast inventory of parts available on request
  • Mecfor's commissioning and on-site training services

Used with Mecfor's MVA and MVR tool carriers, our specialized tools are designed to reduce your operational costs. Tool flexibility, and the ability of a Mecfor vehicle to do the job of multiple existing vehicles, reduces overall mobile equipment costs — and our tip replacement system is yet another way to maximize your investment.

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