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Equipment Description

Haulers - MTA & MTC

Flagship equipment in a potroom room, Mecfor Haulers, models MTA or MTC, transport safely molten metal crucibles and anode assembly trays.

Mecfor's engineering team has designed several models to accommodate operations and space constraints of aluminum smelters. From the MTC30 (narrow) to the MTC50 (wide), the operators will be able to drive easily in potroom hallways. The expertise gained on the understanding of high magnetic field impacts makes Mecfor haulers safe and reliable.

The MTA / MTC hauler family is one of the best choices when it comes to standardizing your fleet of haulers. Thanks to their articulation, MTC tractor can be coupled with a range of specific task trailers: anode, metal, crucible tilter and specialized trailer such as the molten metal transfer by pressurization. It also allows tight turning radius in comparison with a rigid frame hauler. Finally, the permutability of trailers offers a contingency plan in case of major unplanned stops.

A wide range of options and technologies are available to meet your specific needs, while having a sturdy construction and durable components ensuring a long and reliable service life. Mecfor's team can help you set the best fleet to optimize your potroom operations. They will also be happy to provide referrals from satisfied customers.


  • Reliable and efficient;
  • Permutability between various trailer types coupled to the tractor MTC/MTA;
  • Safe, comfortable, ergonomic for operators;
  • Design to quick maintenance with easy accesses to components;
  • Double steering allowing front driving at all time;
  • Sturdy and Durable components.