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Equipment Description

MVR | Casthouse Solution

Today, with the production capacities in place, smelter operations need to be done faster and more efficiently than ever before. What would happen if, as much as possible, operators could avoid manual operations? What would happen if most smelter operations could be done using a multifunctional vehicle coupled with dedicated tools? What if a multifunctional vehicle, such as Mecfor MVR or MVA, with smart tools could help standardizing processes while reducing maintenance costs?

For several years, Mecfor has been offering a concept of great versatility. This concept is called: "Mecfor Casthouse solution", where an MVR or MVA operates as many tools as needed with a hydraulic coupling.

MVR Casthouse vehicleMVR Raising cab casthouse vehicle

Multipurpose Vehicle casthouse solution

Easy, fast and efficient

With Mecfor Casthouse solution, the number of dedicated vehicles required for furnace charging, tending, and skimming operations can be significantly reduced. The multifunctional vehicle, MVR or MVA and its tools, which can be interchanged in less than thirty seconds, also reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime and energy loss associated with the smelter process. This, while improving the quality of the metal and ensuring the safety of operations.

Through a hydraulic connection, Mecfor's QuicKonnect system operates a wide variety of modular tools that perform specialized and dedicated tasks including furnace skimming, cleaning, scrap loading, alloying and stirring. The types of tools currently available are, but are not limited to: loading clamps, fork rotators, scrap pusher tool system, dump bucket, scrapers, combs and skimming tools, all are firmly and securely connected.

Hydraulic power opens a wide range of possibilities for the development of tools that better fit to the realities of today's modern smelters. Complete cycle in a smelter can be carried out by the operator using a single vehicle without having to leave the comfort of his air-conditioned cabin. The fenestration of the cabin is designed so that the visibility of the operator is optimum with a full panoramic view at all times. In addition, thanks to the option of double steering of the vehicle, it is possible to drive from front, even with a load.


The use of two multifunctional vehicles, MVR or MVA, with a series of interchangeable tools offers the great flexibility of being able to carry out all the smelter operations using one vehicle or the other. Reliability engineers will be pleased to see that the use of the vehicle is optimized and that the sturdy tools have a very long life from the industry average.

Cost reduction

Since smelter operations are performed quicker, the efficiency of the production is based on the reduction of the execution time while maintaining the quality of the cast metal. The availability of optimized tools in the smelter is essential.

Increased productivity

Smelters using Mecfor QuicKonnect technology benefit from a quick return on investment while improving the safety of their workers. Increased productivity passes through a rigorous selection of QuicKonnect tools. Significant savings are achieved by protecting the furnace refractories as well as reducing the number of vehicles and simplifying periodic mechanical maintenance. Safety, productivity, cost savings and ergonomics are the main factors taken into account in the design of Mecfor Casthouse Solution.

QuicKonnect technology


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