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Equipment Description

Pot Ramming Machine (PRM)

With more than 130 Pot Ramming Machines (PRM) in operation, Mecfor has acquired the knowledge and expertise of this historically handmade critical task. The result is a proven procedure and ramming settings that deliver unparalleled compaction results.

You are using cold, warm or hot paste, Mecfor’s PRM will:

  • Improves seal quality and makes them more uniform thanks to the many tools available (compatible with pneumatic or electrical version);
  • Presents a user-friendly display of the interface with a remote control for remote operations;
  • Designed for the simplest and fastest connection speeding up field installation and minimizing production interruptions;
  • Provides simplified access to components for easier maintenance;
  • Aim for better ergonomics of the work area by adequate lighting, emergency stop buttons, vibration-free operation transmitted to the operator;
  • Is compatible with all types of pots;
  • Moves stably, autonomously and rectilinearly;
  • Improves the life and performance of the pots;
  • Guarantees proven compaction performance, especially for inclined joints;
  • Ensures high efficiency of vibration compaction, even for small joints, by applying paste to the vertical side of the cathode;
  • Does not accumulate paste in Mecfor tools or create a curb effect;
  • Compact perfectly and reproducibly thanks to all programmable variables such as: force, frequency and time.

Technical features

  • Hydraulic actuated cylinders with multiple angles for optimum ramming;
  • Comprehensible configuration of the electrical cabinet offering a USB key slot;
  • Real-time pressure measurement, frequency and compaction for each layer for better historic and traceability (optional databox);
  • Large loading capacity of the paste feeder (optional) which keeps the paste at the right temperature and can pour automatically into the pots.