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Headquarter and manufacturing plants

Head Office

Headquarter / administration
Manufacturing plants

Mecfor inc.
1788, Mitis
Chicoutimi (Quebec)
Canada  G7K 1H5

T  + 1 418 543.1632

Sales & Marketing

Mecfor Brochot SAS

Support & Distribution Office

Mecfor Brochot SAS

465, Parc de la Haute Rive
59553 Cuincy

T  + 33 (0) 9 54 35 34 74

  1. Ventes industrie ferroviaire
    Gianni Guerrera
    Directeur, divsion MS Rail
  2. Finance & administration
    Dominique de la Sablonnière CPA, CMA
    Directeur Finances & Administration
  3. Administration
    Daniel Néron, ing.
    Vice-président, Opérations
  4. Mecfor & Mecfor Brochot
    René Lavoie
    Coordonnateur, service après-vente
Sales & Marketing
  1. Sales
    Yannick Beaulé
    Vice President-Sales and Corporate Development
  2. Sales - Quebec & Europe
    Serge Desgagné, B. Tech.
    Technical Expert
  3. Sales - Canada & USA
    René Laliberté
    Sales Manager, USA
  4. Sales - Momentum Projects
    Nicolas Morissette
    Technical Representative
  5. Sales - AGV equipment
    Daniel Neron, Eng.
    AGV Commercial Engineer
  6. MS Rail by Mecfor - MOW Equipment
    Gianni Guerrera
    MS Rail, Director
  7. MS Rail by Mecfor - MOW Equipment
    Victor Soucy
    Strategic Sales and Development Manager
Spare parts
  1. Mecfor Equipment
    Martin Desrochers, Tech.
    Director, Parts & service
  2. Brochot Equipment
    Jean-Philippe Villain
    Director, Brochot Products & service
  3. Mecfor & Mecfor Brochot
    Rachel-Annie St-Laurent
    Coordinator, After-sale service
  4. Spare parts - Mecfor & Brochot Equipment | Americas
  5. Spare parts - Brochot Equipment | Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania
  1. Management
    Eloise Harvey, B. Eng. & Mgmt
  2. Operations
    Daniel Néron, Eng.
    Vice President, Operations
    Alex Salvaggio, CPA, CA
    Vice President, Finance and Business Strategy
  4. RH
    François Audet
    Director, Human Ressources and HSE
  5. Accounts payable
  6. Accounts Receivable
  1. Purchasing
    Eric Kirouac
    Director, Purchasing