Demandes urgentes durant le moratoire en raison de la COVID-19 Urgent requests during the moratorium due to COVID-19

Pour nos clients des industries de l’aluminium et des mines, vos demandes urgentes peuvent être transmises par courriel For our clients from the aluminium and mining industries, emergency request can be done by email

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REV.: MARCH 24, 2020


March 17, 2020


Dear Customer,

At Mecfor, we are closely monitoring the current force majeure situation of COVID-19.

To date, Mecfor team does not anticipate major disruption on the progress of current projects or on the supply of spare parts. However, we recognize that the situation is evolving very quickly and remain on the lookout for any possible changes that may impact our operations.

As a precaution, we maintain closer communication and regular monitoring with our suppliers. Notwithstanding the above, Mecfor takes all available measures to mitigate any interruptions. As a team, we assess potential solutions and plans.

What does Mecfor do for its employees?

Like many organizations, we have put in place a series of measures to stop the progression of the pandemic. Since March 13, our employees cannot travel. Those returning from international travel must remain in isolation for 14 days. We encourage telework as much as possible. In addition, all meetings should be conducted by teleconference whenever possible. Additional sanitary precautions are taken at our facilities and we post reminders on hygiene behaviors recommended by WHO.

What level of service can I expect for technical assistance?

If equipment commissioning’s are scheduled, they will be analyzed case by case. Everything that can be done remotely will be identified to provide you with service. The Mecfor technical hotline remains available. Many diagnoses can be made remotely with the assistance of a Mecfor after-sale service technician guiding and offering adequate technical support. Emergency service calls will be seriously assessed; our goal is to be available to our customers to minimize operational disruption.

Mecfor remains close to the situation. We are working diligently to minimize the impact that this extraordinary situation could have. Finally, we have the firm intention of respecting the instructions issued by the authorities, and this, for the sake of the common well-being of all actors with whom we do business.

We appreciate your cooperation and will continue to keep you informed. Contact us if you have any questions.


Signature Eloise Harvey
Éloïse Harvey, B. Eng. & Mgmt
Mecfor Inc.