Demandes urgentes durant le moratoire en raison de la COVID-19 Urgent requests during the moratorium due to COVID-19

Pour nos clients des industries de l’aluminium et des mines, vos demandes urgentes peuvent être transmises par courriel For our clients from the aluminium and mining industries, emergency request can be done by email

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Open pit mining

Its proximity to Canada's natural resource industries allows Mecfor to bring its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the mining sector, particularly for open pit mining.

Mining ore is an arduous operation that can be complex because of the weather conditions. To tame elements, Mecfor offers rock spreaders and water tanks. Also in its portfolio, Mecfor includes heavy truck semi-trailers and over-sized towing tools.

Maximizing productivity, reducing costs and unplanned outages while taking advantage of manufactured equipment for maximum service life are the elements factored in Mecfor equipment.

Our Equipment