Demandes urgentes durant le moratoire en raison de la COVID-19 Urgent requests during the moratorium due to COVID-19

Pour nos clients des industries de l’aluminium et des mines, vos demandes urgentes peuvent être transmises par courriel For our clients from the aluminium and mining industries, emergency request can be done by email

Mecfor is currently restructuring its parts manual’s online access in order to make it more accessible. Write an email to with 'Spare parts manual' in the object or Click here to get your new custom link



Exploring new horizons

Mecfor is not afraid to think outside the box. As an innovative company, all of us believe in the constructive synergy of technology transfers from one industry to another. It is with a happy cross technology transfer that MECFOR began its activities in the petrochemical and nuclear industries.

In the nuclear industry, Mecfor develops sophisticated articulated robots used for the removal of contaminated resins. As for the petrochemical sector, it benefits from the amphirol and robot knowledge by creating a revolutionary equipment in the extraction of catalysts in confined space: CAROL (catalyst removal) - CAROL - Robotic Catalyst Removal

With these two applications, Mecfor improves worker safety and achieves high levels of efficiency.

Mecfor: creativity combined with technical expertise.

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