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Maintenance of Way - MS Rail

MS Rail by Mecfor


MS Rail is the partnership between MECFOR and SOCOFER, a French company established for nearly a century that offers Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment. The two companies have chosen to join their forces; offering an extended portfolio of equipment dedicated to MOW.

Well established in the heavy industry, MECFOR masters the design of equipment to face the harshest working environments. Despite the extreme operating conditions, MECFOR equipment is sturdy, ergonomic and among the most reliable one in the industry. The company benefits from a creative and experienced team always ready to outdo needs its customers. With an international reputation, MECFOR exports its equipment to all continents.

As for SOCOFER, the company started with the manufacturing of Track motor car. Since then, SOCOFER strengthens and diversifies to rail and/or hi-rail maintenance track equipment, railway traction equipment and complete refurbishing of locomotives as well as the rental of rail shunters. Their equipment are available for the railroads, but also subways and tram as well as branched industrial sites. From design to manufacturing, including refurbishing and scheduled maintenance, SOCOFER presents a solid know-how in the railway sector.

SOCOFER and MECFOR share values of listening and proximity with their customers. As a result, the MS Rail team is present in the Americas.

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MS RAIL by MECFOR offers a variety of Maintenance of Way equipment, such as:

  • Rail maintenance vehicle;
  • Vegetation Control Spray Train;
  • Railcar mover;
  • Lorry and rail trailers;
  • Blower trucks;
  • Rescue vehicle;
  • Thermite Welding trucks;
  • Self-propelled shuttle cart;
  • Rail inspection wagon;
  • Inspection of catenaries;
  • Road-rail maintenance vehicles.

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