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Mecfor, an innovative company, stands out by its history and development that demonstrate the creative spirit of its team. Over the past 20 years, Mecfor has invested in R&D so that nearly two new pieces of equipment are developed each year.

Innovation flows in our veins; in constant search for the best equipment to offer for a given sector. Specialized in heavy industries with the most demanding and harsh environment, each of us at Mecfor understands the importance of sturdy, reliable and efficient equipment that offers technology making your operations easier.

Discover our latest achievements, symbols of innovation: AGV TEAM and MMTP.


Innovation; we develop it, create it and live it.

Mecfor equipment

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Our History

  1. 1997

    After working with Cegertec in the execution of mechanical projects for heavy industries (pulp and paper, sawmills and aluminum smelters), the founder and his team revived Mecfor. This business recovery is strongly encouraged and supported by Cegertec and Le Groupe Ceger.

    Becoming a key partner in the emergent Aluminum Valley region in Quebec, Mecfor undertakes the design and manufacturing of specialized equipment dedicated to aluminum smelters.

  2. 1999
    State-of-the-art expertise in aluminum processes

    Our experience in designing custom-made equipment for the forest industry has enabled us to support aluminum smelters with optimized mobile equipment and modification projects.

    In 1999, the first prototypes of anodes and crucible haulers were designed, built and put in operation: the MTA10. This vehicle included innovative features such as a hydrostatic drive, rotary operating station and joysticks.

  3. 2000

    In 2000, we focused on turnkey services for our fixed and mobile equipment exclusively for the aluminum sector, primarily in Canada and subsequently worldwide.

  4. 2003
    New acquisition

    In 2003, Mecfor acquired the "metal division" of Vallée Industries Inc. Thanks to this transaction, Mecfor can now offer a complete range of products for aluminum smelters, such as its Casthouse solution vehicle, using the QuicKonnect and specialized tools.

  5. 2003
    Supplier of major projects worldwide

    From 2003 to 2008, Mecfor demonstrates an increased presence by expanding its territory. During this period, Mecfor will offer: an anode slut cutting machine (ASCM), a bath tapping vehicle (MVR-MAC), an underpot cleaning vehicle (MVT), a Ecumax skimming station, to name a few.

  6. 2004

    Design and manufacturing of the first anode slut cutting machine (ASCM) for the Rio Tinto, Grande-Baie smelter.

  7. 2007

    In 2007, 100% of our business was dedicated to the aluminum sector and half of our sales volume was outside Canada.

  8. 2009
    Diversifying our activities

    The economic crisis of 2009 encourages Mecfor to diversify. The company is turning to rail and mining industries, two exciting new sectors.

  9. 2010

    Release of the first UTV10 Utility Track Vehicle, a Maintenance of Way (MOW) vehicle. Developed in partnership with a major mining company, the UTV10 was put into service during the year and has quickly opened the way.

  10. 2011

    Our first equipment for the mining industry such as rock spreaders, water tanks and heavy truck semi-trailers have found new playgrounds.

  11. 2012

    Mecfor got involved in the major modernization project for the Rio Tinto, AP60 smelter in Arvida, Quebec. The equipment manufacturer supplied Anodes and Crucibles haulers as well as tilter; all operating in very high magnetic fields.

  12. 2015
    New offices in France

    Acquisition of the intellectual property of the French company Brochot SAS, Aluminum and magnesium division. Mecfor opens its first office in France and creates Mecfor Brochot.

  13. 2016

    Mecfor is committed to the equipment of the future with its intensive R&D program for the design and manufacturing of an Electrical AutoGuided Metal Hauler: the AGV TEAM.

  14. 2016

    Mecfor wins its first contract in the hydrocarbon sector; it got actively involved in the invention of a catalyst extract robot.

  15. 2016

    Deployment in a real-life operation conditions of the Prototype of the Molten Metal Transfer by Pressurization (MMTP) Trailer. A success in the management of dross generation.

  16. 2017

    Mecfor designs and manufactures, in collaboration with WorleyParson, the first amphirol robot, CAROL, for the extraction of the catalyst in petrochemical tanks. Thus, this operation in confined space is now done through the robot enhancing safety and security.

  17. 2017

    Another breakthrough in the nuclear industry with the introduction of an articulated robot for the removal of contaminated resins.

  18. 2018

    Major transaction for Mecfor: Seafort Capital invests in the company and becomes a major shareholder, ensuring Mecfor continuous growth.

  19. 2018

    Unveiling of Mecfor AGV TEAM, the first auto-guided electric vehicle designed and manufactured in North America for the global aluminum industry. A model of Innovation.


  20. 2019
    MS Rail by MECFOR

    Creation of a new division MS Rail by MECFOR dedicated to design and manufacture Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment.

  21. 2021
    MECFORLink & SmartConnect

    Introducing MECFORLink and SmartConnect technologies; a step towards equipment ready for Industry 4.0.