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Mecfor, an innovative company, stands out by its history and development that demonstrate the creative spirit of its team. Over the past 20 years, Mecfor has invested in R&D so that nearly two new pieces of equipment are developed each year.

Innovation flows in our veins; in constant search for the best equipment to offer for a given sector. Specialized in heavy industries with the most demanding and harsh environment, each of us at Mecfor understands the importance of sturdy, reliable and efficient equipment that offers technology making your operations easier.

Discover our latest achievements, symbols of innovation: AGV TEAM and MMTP.


Innovation; we develop it, create it and live it.

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State-of-the-art expertise in aluminum processes

Our experience in designing custom-made equipment for the forest industry has enabled us to support aluminum smelters with optimized mobile equipment and modification projects.

In 1999, the first prototypes of anodes and crucible haulers were designed, built and put in operation: the MTA10. This vehicle included innovative features such as a hydrostatic drive, rotary operating station and joysticks.