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Equipment Description

Vegetation Control Train

This new piece of equipment helps to better controling vegetation and weeds offering a unique spraying system.

Available in full version of 4 modules or according to the needs of the service operator for hi-rail trucks

Main characteristics:

  • Spraying modules for maximum accuracy on vegetation
  • High density cameras and lights
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Easy connection between modules
  • Comfort and ergonomics - control station with camera, joystick, screens: everything within reach of the operator; without forgetting the vision thanks to multiple windows
  • Functional storage, ventilated toilet and shower, dining area
  • Enough power and energy for long trips
  • Easy controls and functional accesses
  • Perfectly balance and safe dosage management


Vegetation Spray Control1

Vegetation Spray Control2

Vegetation Spray Control3

Vegetation Spray Control4

Vegetation Spray Control5

Vegetation Spray Control6

Vegetation Spray Control7