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Early on, Mecfor converged its activities towards the Quebec's active emerging primary aluminum sector. Since then, the company has maintained a close and prolific co-operation with major industry actors to better understand their concerns, and by the same token, to design applied solutions to fit their needs. Practical solutions, concrete results: Mecfor optimizes operations.

Mobile, stationary or custom-made

The company's offer is deployed in a range of mobile, stationary and custom-made equipment. Mecfor has installed equipment in each sector of operation of an aluminum smelter: alumina, carbon, electrolysis and foundry. Mecfor equipment is sturdy; a proven technology that meets constraints faced by the industry.

Innovative equipment

Our equipment meets modern criteria. In its design process, Mecfor engineering team integrates various components that make it easier to track equipment status, maintenance and even standardize how operations are done. On the lookout for innovations and technical improvements available through our network of elite suppliers, Mecfor designs and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment with an unmatched operational lifespan in the industry.

Increased yields

Our operations, engineering and manufacturing teams have the experience and expertise to guarantee the best returns in the industry. Once the equipment is delivered and put into operation, you can count on the after-sales service department. Qualified technicians will provide you with high-level technical support to maintain maximum productivity and minimize unplanned downtime.